Biiiiiiiiiiig news

In 2014, we tore up the choral music rule book and created Polyphony Down the Pub, taking Renaissance music to a different level.

Today, in 2016, we’re collecting up the remaining fragments of the rule book and putting them through the shredder, as we launch a brand new initiative, taking this music even deeper!

After weeks of planning and preparation, we’re incredibly excited to announce

Polyphony in da Club

our residency at Slap, the über-cool Bermondsey dance venue and all-round hipster-zone.

The club’s owner, entrepeneuse and Eurofunk DJ April Scherz, heard us on Radio 3 at Christmas and invited us to do a test night earlier this year.

None of us could have predicted the reaction that we got from the dubstep-loving crowd down at Slap – it seems that counterpoint and modal harmonies at 140 bpm are what these millennials have been crying out for!

Have a listen here to just how sick we sounded:

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am – I think it’s potentially a real game changer for 16th Century choral music and I’d love you all to be part of this new chapter in the genre’s development.

If you’d like to find out more about it, see here.