Spoilt for choice

Quite astonishingly, our PDtP Europe Special on July 11th sold out within a day of going live (well, almost – there’s one tenor spot still open at the time of writing.)

However, if you missed out then all is not lost. We still have plenty of spaces free at next Friday’s Counterpint in the Café session; Travelling Through have kindly agreed to extend admission to 7pm in case that makes a difference for any of you.

And I’m very pleased to announce that we are squeezing in one final London session of Counterpint before our summer break, on Wednesday July 13th.

We’ll be back at the Canbury Arms in Kingston and if all goes to plan, we’ll have some early music instrumentalists along for some crazy colla parte/antiphonal fun. (We were always a hip event but now we’re a HIP event! Sort of.)

And finally, a reminder that there are a few soprano and tenor spots available at PDtP Sheffield this Tuesday.

So there you have it – boozing and singing opportunities aplenty!