Still a few spaces left…

…at Wednesday’s PDtP session (unless you’re a bass as sadly all your spots have gone).*

The setlist will refelect the various themes that will make up PDtP in 2017, including the Franco-Flemish Masters and the spotlight on Victoria, so it’s going to be a stonker of a session .

If you have already registered then let your friends know on Facebook via this link.

If have not yet registered then you can correct this egregious oversight by doing so here.



*Do join the waitlist, basses, as we’ll be able to release more spaces if enough tenors sign up to counterbalance you!




We’re all back to front this month

(I’m blaming it on post-Christmas bufuddlement.)

As you all know, PDtP is usually on a Monday, and Counterpint takes place later in the week.

However, owing to  scheduling conflicts with our venue, January’s PDtP will be on Wednesday the 18th, and Counterpint in the Cafe will be on Monday the 23rd. (I know, I’m confused too.)


Booking for PDtP goes live at 5pm this Friday (the 13th), with some more spaces being released at 9am the next day (Saturday the 14th); booking for the Cafe Counterpint session will go live later next week.

As usual, we will be reserving a couple of spaces for anyone who has never booked before, so if that’s you and you want to reserve a space, drop us a line via the comments below (include your singing voice) before Friday and we’ll book you in if there’s space.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!



PS Happy New Year.