Final chance for some singing ‘n’ boozing fun in 2017

Tuesday’s Christmas Counterpint in the Cafe will be the last of our come-&-sing-&-drink events for the year and will include Continue reading Final chance for some singing ‘n’ boozing fun in 2017


Counterpint April 21st update

As a heads-up, we’ve had a couple of cancellations for Thursday’s Counterpint at the Punch so there are still places available for all voices.

I was hoping to share with you today the sheet music but this morning I opened my laptop to find it simply doesn’t work any more, which means it will be tomorrow or Tuesday before I manage to pull it all together again via a functioning machine.

Rest assured, though, that it will be the usual top quality that you’ve come to expect, something to which ASUS computers might like to aspire in future.