5pm today

is when booking for PDtP on March 26th goes live – so Continue reading 5pm today


Why did no one tell us that there’s a Counterpint in the Cafe next Tuesday?

And that booking is already open? Honestly, sometimes I think we’d be hard-pressed to organise a singalong in a brewery.

On the slim chance that any of you  Continue reading Why did no one tell us that there’s a Counterpint in the Cafe next Tuesday?

Great thing of us forgot! (aka ‘whoops’)

So in my exceitement following last week’s PDtP session (more on that below), I completely forgot to set up and publicise the booking arrangements for next Wednesday’s Counterpint in the Cafe.

I’ve corrected this now and the booking page is now live so please go ahead and sign up. (Having left it so late to tell you about it, we may end up being low in terms of numbers; if this proves to be the case we may have to rethink things but do go ahead and register if you want to come along.)

I’m not sure how many of June’s PDtP numbers will make it on to the Cafe Counterpint setlist as they were a mixed bunch, some of which worked a lot better than others. (On that note, let’s never speak of Bateson‘s And must I needs depart. Never, ever.) However, it was still very much a fun evening of singing so thanks to all who came.

Apologies once again for the Cafe Counterpint oversight but I hope many of you can still make it. I promise to be more diligent in setting up July’s PDtP, which will almost certainly be on Monday July 3rd; details to follow next week.



February & March PDtP dates now confirmed

While there’s still time to sign up for this Monday’s PDtP session*, anyone looking further ahead may be pleased to know that PDtP XVII has been confirmed for February 8th and PDtP XVIII is March 7th.

Sign up here for February’s PDtP, which will explore the music of the Italian masters.

March’s PDtP on the other hand will focus on double-choir repertoire.

News on future Counterpint sessions will follow so keep an eye out for updates.



*Altos, technically there are no spots left for you at Monday’s event but the waiting list is open and I’d be surprised if we weren’t able to squeeze in one or two more of you somehow…

Best laid plans

A couple of weeks back we were all on course, with a carefully put together schedule to release the set-list in manageable chunks, thereby continuing to whet your collective appetite and get you all even more excited about the PDtP Birthday celebrations.

Then an impromptu trip to Ireland got in the way, with its distractions of the Mayo coastline, the Holy Mountain, medieval monasteries, County Kerry and beer, and the plan quickly fell apart.

Not to worry, though; the entire set-list for the 26th is now ready and there’s still plenty of time to digest it before the big night. (The epic but tricky BWV 437 is back in so why not have a couple of practice run-throughs with this video?)

I hope you’ll agree that the works I’ve chosen are some of the very best numbers that we have sung over the past 12 months and there should be something in there to suit all tastes, just as long as those tastes are centred around 16th century choral music and Lutheran chorales.

One thing I do need to point out is that we still have a very peculiar distribution of voices signed up for the night, with roughly the same number of altos as all other voices combined.

It would therefore by great if any sopranos, tenors & basses who are definitely coming could sign up so that the nights leading up to the 26th become slightly less sleepless for me.

Also, as a Plan B, if any altos who are comfortable up at the higher end of the register could be prepared to help out the sopranos then you will be showered with praise and glory on the night, as indeed you are on most nights anyway.