PDtP 8 sheet music is ready!

Here’s the link to next Monday’s sheet music:


As you’ll see, there’s a healthy mix of the sacred and profane; while there was no room for any JSB this month, he will be Bach in future sessions (sorry.)

In the line-up are a couple of rather lovely 3 part pieces, including the ‘Full Fathom Five’ that was used in the first production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.*

Another setting of Shakespeare by one of his contemporaries is Morley’s It Was a Lover & His Lass, alongside two more of his madrigals.

Other gems are Dowland’s Fine Knacks for Ladies, Sheppard’s The Lord’s Prayer, and Taverner’s Christe Jesu, Pastor Bone.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration of English Renaissance choral music without those perennial favourites, Byrd’s Ave Verum, Tallis’ If Ye Love Me and Gibbons’ The Silver Swan.

And a final highlight: as it’s PDtP VIII, we have a jolly little number by none other than Henry VIII, which will surely make it all a right royal knees-up!

Download the files, print them or save them to tablet then come along on the night; feel free to sign up to our brand new events page too:




*At least I think it’s the actual first setting; didn’t have enough time to verify it!


Now, I know you don’t need any more of a reason to come along to the next PDtP…

…but just in case you did need a prod, we are going to be recording some segments that we hope may be used on a future Meet My Choir, a regular segment of Radio 3’s The Choir programme.

Sara Mohr-Pietsch, presenter of The Choir, came along to the March PDtP and was kind enough to suggest that we submit a recording and some info for her programme.

SMP PDtP tweet
(You see? SM-P really was there!)

OK, so we are technically not a choir, but the programme is about celebrating singing in all its forms and so our unusual event might be of interest to the British public.

Once again, there is no guarantee that we will make it on to the programme but it would be nice to give it a try; I am really hoping for a nice, big sound for a brief recording so please do come and bring your singing pals with you!

Here’s a reminder of the details of the next session on April 13th.




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