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Polyphony Down the Pub

London’s Favourite Night of Renaissance Motets & Booze!™ 



London’s Other Favourite Night of Renaissance Motets & Booze!™

 as heard on BBC Radio 3’s The Choir:


If you are new to PDtP/Counterpint and want to find out more about the UK’s most exciting Renaissance-motets-in-a-pub events, check out our FAQs.

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Looking forward to seeing you at one of our sessions; in the meantime, remember the strictly enforced:

5 Rules of Polyphony Down the Pub

1. Arrive when you want to

2. Leave when you want to

3. Sing or don’t sing

4. Drink

5. Avoid parallel fifths & octaves



PS We’re taking PDtP on tour over the coming months; if you’d like us to visit your hometown, get in touch via this page and we’ll see if we can sort something out!

PDtP Christmas Special 2016

Apologies for the radio silence but I’ve been in a country that wouldn’t allow me to log in to the website – that’s how dangerously subversive singing Renaissance motets in a pub must be!

I’m in less restricted lands at the moment so I’m taking this opportunity to remind you that our PDtP Christmas Special is on Monday.

We’ve managed to free up a couple more spaces so if you wanted to come, book yourself in now, bearing in mind that we’re asking for a suggested charity donation of at least £5 to take part. (If you’ve booked but now cannot come, don’t forget to cancel your booking. If you’ve booked and you’re wondering where the links to the scores are, they’ll be e-mailed to you asap today or tomorrow morning at the latest.)

We’re also giving a public performance at 6.30 on Tuesday evening at the Southbank Centre; details here. If you’re nearby, please come along and support your fellow PDtP enthusiasts.

(There’s still just about time to sign up to take part, if you can meet the criteria – see here for details.)

That’s it – looking forward to seeing some of you on Monday.







Christmas gets earlier every year

and the same goes for the PDtP Christmas Special, which takes place on December 5th.

The booking link can be found here. For any ‘sold out’ voices, more spaces will be released at 9am today; once they’re all gone, the waiting list will activate.

As it’s Christmas, a time for thoughtfulness and generosity, we’ll be collecting for the Royal Voluntary Service on the night, with a suggested minimum donation of £5, though you can of course give more if you’d like.




PDtP 25: a funkstertronic trip to the #HasslerZone

Too pressed for time to tell you how much fun it was busking through Victoria, Byrd, Moulu et al on Monday night – so I’ll let others do it for me:

Thanks to all who came and hope to see you in December.

In the meantime, we’re still looking for altos & tenors in particular for our Southbank gig on December 6th, so if you want to be part of it, please get in touch via the form on this page. (Sopranos & basses, stick your names down as well as we may be able to fit you in!)



Public performance opportunity alert!

Southbank Winter Festival set 

I know, I know, one of our mottos is It’s Not a Rehearsal, Not a Performance but at Christmas we make an exception and take London’s Favourite Night of Renaissance Motets & Booze!™ to an actual audience.

We have a 25 minute gig at the prime spot of the Southbank Centre’s Riverside Terrace Cafe on the evening of Tuesday December 6th, as one of Voicelab’s Winter Festival Pop-Up Choirs.

We’ll be singing to the public some of the highlights of previous yuletide setlists, including the Victoria O magnum mysterium, the H. Praetorius Joseph lieber and the Gesius/Bach In Dulci Jubilo.

If you’d like to be considered for the event, you’ll need to be able to:

  • attend an hour’s rehearsal at 5.45pm on December 5th (immediately before the Christmas PDtP session; see below) in the Horse and Stables pub
  • commit to learning the music beforehand and coming to the rehearsal fully prepared
  • be at the Southbank Centre at 5.45pm on the evening of December 6th.

If you can do all of the above, fill in this form:

Please note that we will have limited space at the venue and will need to balance the voices, so we may not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to take part – but we’ll do our darndest! (I’m also looking into one more performance opportunity later in December so don’t be too upset if you miss out on this one.)

PDtP Christmas 2016

The booking for our regular Christmas PDtP session goes live at 5pm on Friday November 25th, with the remaining spaces becoming available at 9am the next day.

As last year, we’ll be collecting for the Royal Voluntary Service on the night. Suggested donation is £5 per singer, though please give more if you can.

(If you’re picked for the Southbank gig on the 6th then you’ll automatically be given a spot at the session, but please bear in mind the donation requirement.)

That’s it for now – looking forward to seeing some of you on Monday at our November PDtP session.



At last: a surprise 2016 poll result that’s actually good news!

It’s like David vs a whole gang of Goliaths: against all the odds, Travelling Through (the venue for Counterpint in the Cafe) has beaten the Southbank Centre, the National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern, BFI Southbank and not one but two Vics (Young & Old) to be crowned Waterloo’s Top Local Culture Venue in the TimeOut Love London Awards!

I know many of you voted for them so many thanks for helping to bring about this wonderful result, which celebrates a small, independent bookshop that is committed to providing a wide range of culture to the local community. Do sign up to their mailing list as they have a great range of events on every month.

We’ll almost certainly be holding a Christmas Counterpint in the Cafe session there so keep an eye out for updates.

Speaking of Christmas singing, don’t forget that Polyphony Down the Pub’s Christmas Special is December 5th; booking details to be announced shortly.

Also, I’m hoping we’ll get one or two opportunities to perform our Christmas stuff in public, for anyone who wants to take part. No details as yet but hope to have news soon.