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as heard on BBC Radio 3’s The Choir & Organ:

At Polyphony Down the Pub and Counterpint, we pride ourselves on meeting the demands of the most sophisticated palettes.

On our wine list you’ll often find fine vintages from the likes of Victoria, Palestrina & Byrd, on the rotating craft beer menu there may well be fresh, hoppy numbers from la Rue, Zielinski or Casulana, and then of course there’s the chance of a wee dram of the hard stuff: Gesualdo.

Like just about everyone else in the world we’re on a break until things get back to normal but rest assured that as soon as it’s safe to do so, we’ll be back in the pub, boozing & singing!

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about the UK’s most exciting Renaissance-motets-in-a-pub events, check out our FAQs and sign up to e-mail updates on the left hand side of this page to make sure you don’t miss out on updates; you can also follow us on Twitter (@pubpolyphony, @pdtpbrighton & @counterpint) and Facebook.




Tap, tap… Is this thing on?

(Update 20.12.21: sadly we’ve had to cancel our carols event owing to current concerns re: the omicron variant. Many thanks again to all who volunteered to sing.) Well, hello there. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from PDtP so I hope you’ve weathered these past 2 mad years as best you can. I would love to be getting in touch after all this time to tell you that our pub-singing extravaganza is getting off the ground once again Continue reading Tap, tap… Is this thing on?

Seasonal singing on the South Coast

As promised, we’re putting on another Christmas Special down in Brighton, on Sunday December 22nd.

Booking goes live via this link at midday this coming Sunday (December 15th). You most definitely will not want to miss it, so get those mouse fingers ready.

By the way, a few PDtP London folk have expressed interest in coming along, so just to confirm, everyone is very welcome to join in the festive fun. (You might even want to make a day of it and enjoy the marvellous Christmas shopping opportunities that Brighton affords – there are many superb independent shops are within a pebble’s throw of the venue, which also happens to be next to the station.)

Speaking of London folk, thanks again to all who came along to last week’s London Christmas Special. Through your generosity we raised over £300 for the Choir with No Name.

Apologies to those who were hoping for London carol singing opportunities this week. Despite our best efforts we just couldn’t secure a suitable location. However, there is a slim chance that we might be able to do something in Central London in the early evening of Monday the 23rd. Very close to Christmas I know, but bear it in mind if you are still going to be in town as our public carol/motet singing is always a highlight of the season. 

Full details to follow if/when we have confirmation.



Many Happy Returns of the Day! (or How in the heck has this nonsense been going on for 5 years?)

5 years ago today, almost to this very minute, I was sitting very much alone in the large, empty room upstairs at the Horse & Stables pub when I posted this tweet Continue reading Many Happy Returns of the Day! (or How in the heck has this nonsense been going on for 5 years?)