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Polyphony Down the Pub Brighton, Brighton’s Favourite Night of Renaissance Motets & Booze!™ 

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Looking forward to seeing you at one of our sessions; in the meantime, remember the strictly enforced:

5 Rules of Polyphony Down the Pub

1. Arrive when you want to

2. Leave when you want to

3. Sing or don’t sing

4. Drink

5. Avoid parallel fifths & octaves




Borough Market carols, Thursday December 21st

Following yesterday’s blog post on charity carol singing, I’m pleased to let you know that Borough Market has offered us a one hour carol-singing spot at 5pm next Thursday, December 21st.

If it’s anything like the experience we had at London Bridge station on Tuesday, it will be great fun so I hope many of you’ll be up for it. (Tenors, you will be particularly welcome!)

Before I confirm with the organisers, I need to know if we’ll have enough singers, so please fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you on Monday to let you know if it’s definitely happening:

Also, don’t forget that booking for Tuesday’s Christmas Counterpint in the Cafe goes live at 5pm today, with more spaces released tomorrow.