PDtP April is all about one man.

It’s been months in the planning but I can now confirm that PDtP April 3rd will be our very first session dedicated solely to one composer – and of course it had to be Tomás Luis de Victoria.

I’m so excited about an all-Victoria session I can hardly blink, so I hope you’ll be joining me for a night of music by possibly the greatest composer of the 16th century.

As always, pre-registration via this link is essential. The first booking period goes live tomorrow at 9am (Saturday March 25th), with more spaces released at 5pm on Friday March 31st.

(I say first booking period; actually, Facebook followers got the chance to grab a space yesterday. If you’re annoyed that you missed out on the exclusive window, like/follow our Facebook page so that you don’t get annoyed in future.)





Immense music-making from a (relatively) small group

Tuesday’s Counterpint in the Cafe really was quite a night!

Many, many fine moments but my favourites were  Continue reading Immense music-making from a (relatively) small group