I’m sure you don’t need reminding…

…but just in case you do, booking for PDtP on February 6th is now open.

If you miss out on the first tranche of spaces, more will be available from 9am tomorrow morning, after which the waiting list will be open.

Also, there’s still room for some tenors and sopranos at Tuesday’s Counterpint at the Canbury Arms in Kingston. (Basses and altos can join the waiting list next to the bass booking line.)

And finally, if you’re near the Square Mile on Sunday, the City Bach Collective are performing BWV 72 at 6.30 in St Mary-at-Hill. (If you’re familiar with the Lutheran masses, then you’ll recognise the first movement of the cantata as the basis for the Gloria of the G minor Mass, BWV 235. Hashtag: BachFact.)




We’re gonna have some fun with the Franco-Flemish!

Which, to be honest, is not a phrase you get to use every day. But on February 6th, we’ll all be shouting it from the rooftops, as that is the day of the PDtP Franco-Flemish Special.

We’ll be enjoying masterpieces from Lassus, Arcadelt, Isaac and, of course, the immortal Josquin.

Booking goes live at 5pm tomorrow (Jan.27th), with extra places released the next day at 9am.

We reserve some spaces for first timers so if that’s you, drop me a line via the comments box below before Saturday morning, including your singing voice, and we’ll see what we can do.



2017: we’re off to a swinging/singing start

If you guys are suffering from a post-Christmas blow-out, it hasn’t shown! We’ve had a couple of great nights of singing so far, which makes me think it’s going to be another great year.

Last week we enjoyed a cracker of a PDtP session, even if the texts to some of the works were the source of some mirth:

Highlights of the night were definitely Kirbye‘s Alas! What hope of speeding,  the Kyrie from Victoria‘s 4-part Requiem, Giovanelli‘s O salutaris hostia & Stoltzer‘s O admirabile commercium, though a personal favourite was BWV277: only 16 bars in length but with depths unfathomable.

Gluttons for punishment were afforded another boozy singing opportunity less than a week later, with our first Counterpint in the Cafe of 2017:

(Christina’s photos turned out much better than mine…)

Again, many hits of the evening, but stand-outs were Brito‘s Circumdederunt me and Zielinski‘s Vox in Rama.

Thanks to all who came along and made them such fun nights.

As you know, our next PDtP is Feb.6th and before that we have Counterpint in Kingston on Jan.31st. (Verrrrry limited places left at that one so I’d book sooner than later if you want to come along.)

Counterpint in the Cafe will be back in Feb. too so all in all, there’s a lot going on!

Thanks for your continuing support and hope to see you soon.




Kingston! Counterpint at the Canbury Arms is back!

For too long, the good people of Kingston have laboured through a seemingly unending cold, dark, booze ‘n’ polyphony-free night.

But no longer; dawn has broken at last and the light of alcohol-soaked harmony will once again bathe you in its warmth.

That’s right, Counterpint at the Canbury Arms is back, and it’s going to be better than ever! Tuesday January 31st is the date and 7pm is the kick-off time.

(The Canbury Arms is a great pub with a great selection of beers and food, and was a nominee for Timeout’s Love London Awards.)

Booking is now open and places are linited; as if you needed any more incentive, we have 6 months’ worth of fantastic material from PDtP to draw on so book yourselves in now.



A wee reminder

that we’ll be holding our very first Counterpint in the Cafe of 2017 tomorrow evening.

There are still a couple of spaces left for anyone who isn’t an alto, though please note that you’ll need to be there before the 6.30 start time as this is when the door to the shop is locked.

Looking ahead, our next PDtP session takes place on February 6th i.e. back in its usual Monday slot at the Horse and Stables.

Booking will go live at 5pm on Friday January 27th, with a second batch going live on Saturday the 28th; have a look at this page for the booking links later in the week.

I know a number of you are waiting for another Counterpint in Kingston. I promise you that I am working on finding the time(!) so bear with me for a while longer.



So many singing opportunities, so little time…

Quick reminder that January’s PDtP takes place tonight; still one or two spaces left for anyone who isn’t a bass.

As promised, we’re putting on a Counterpint in the Cafe next Monday (Jan.23rd). Booking goes live at 5pm on Friday the 20th, with a few more released the next day at 9am.

Only 28 spaces will be available so you’ll need to be quick – and please don’t book unless you know you can make the start time of 6.30!




Still a few spaces left…

…at Wednesday’s PDtP session (unless you’re a bass as sadly all your spots have gone).*

The setlist will refelect the various themes that will make up PDtP in 2017, including the Franco-Flemish Masters and the spotlight on Victoria, so it’s going to be a stonker of a session .

If you have already registered then let your friends know on Facebook via this link.

If have not yet registered then you can correct this egregious oversight by doing so here.



*Do join the waitlist, basses, as we’ll be able to release more spaces if enough tenors sign up to counterbalance you!




We’re all back to front this month

(I’m blaming it on post-Christmas bufuddlement.)

As you all know, PDtP is usually on a Monday, and Counterpint takes place later in the week.

However, owing to  scheduling conflicts with our venue, January’s PDtP will be on Wednesday the 18th, and Counterpint in the Cafe will be on Monday the 23rd. (I know, I’m confused too.)


Booking for PDtP goes live at 5pm this Friday (the 13th), with some more spaces being released at 9am the next day (Saturday the 14th); booking for the Cafe Counterpint session will go live later next week.

As usual, we will be reserving a couple of spaces for anyone who has never booked before, so if that’s you and you want to reserve a space, drop us a line via the comments below (include your singing voice) before Friday and we’ll book you in if there’s space.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!



PS Happy New Year.