PDtP Brighton

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of PDtP’s existence, we’re launching PDtP Brighton, a bi-monthly celebration of all things contrapuntal & cervisial.

As with PDtP London and Counterpint, you simply turn up on the night, busk through a few wondrous a cappella Renaissance motets and then go home happy. (Have a listen to us on BBC Radio 3’s The Choir.)

The inaugural session takes place on Sunday November 19th 2017, upstairs at the Grand Central pub (address below).

PDtP Brighton poster

Pre-registration via this link is essential. Once you’ve booked, you’ll be e-mailed the link to the scores for the evening 48 hours ahead of the session; you need to print out the pages yourself or better yet, save them to a tablet and do the planet a favour.

See here for more FAQs on how Polyphony Down the Pub works.

****Update 18/11/17: with the exception of a couple of soprano spaces, we are now fully booked for PDtP Brighton and have had to close the waiting list. Subscribe to our e-mail list via the homepage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news on future sessions****