Welcome to Polyphony Down the Pub!

***Next Counterpint in the Cafe: April 19th***

***Next Polyphony Down the Pub: May 1st***

***Next Counterpint at the Canbury: TBC***

***Next PDtP Sheffield, Manchester & Cardiff TBC***

Congratulations – you’ve found the home of

Polyphony Down the Pub

London’s Favourite Night of Renaissance Motets & Booze!™ 



London’s Other Favourite Night of Renaissance Motets & Booze!™

 as heard on BBC Radio 3’s The Choir:

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Looking forward to seeing you at one of our sessions; in the meantime, remember the strictly enforced:

5 Rules of Polyphony Down the Pub

1. Arrive when you want to

2. Leave when you want to

3. Sing or don’t sing

4. Drink

5. Avoid parallel fifths & octaves



PS We’re taking PDtP on tour over the coming months; if you’d like us to visit your hometown, get in touch via this page and we’ll see if we can sort something out!