What is Counterpint? And why?

Counterpint is London’s Other Favourite Night of Renaissance Motets & Booze! (See here for FAQs on how PDtP & Counterpint work.)

While Polyphony Down the Pub is a singing session that’s always on a Monday in Waterloo, Counterpint will be more of an itinerant music-making event, to be found in a different pub and quite probably on a different day of the week each time.

Why? Because Mondays are not always convenient for fans of Renaissance motets and beer, so we wanted to give everyone the chance to join in the fun.

Also, PDtP sessions are getting busier and busier, with upwards of 50 singers turning up each month, so we thought this might be a good way to thin out the texture, by offering people a choice of booze & motets evenings. (Of course, this plan goes to pot if lots of people turn up to both sessions; if that happens, we’ll just have to start singing Verdi.)

We’ll explore some of the works that proved to be particular hits at previous PDtP sessions, so you are sure to enjoy what’s on the menu.

Details of the next Counterpint session can be found here – pay close attention, mind, as it’s in a different place and probably on a different day each time. (Did we mention that already?)

NB In June 2016, we introduced a new, more intimate singing and boozing experience called Counterpint in the Café, our residency at the Travelling Through bookshop in Waterloo; see here for details.