PDtP Sheffield and London updates

A quick note to say that our Europe Special on July 11th is almost fully booked now, with just one alto and one tenor spot left; thanks to you all for signing up so swiftly.

We already have 7 people on the waiting list so please cancel asap if you have changed your mind and won’t now be able to make it.

Polyphony Down the Pub Sheffield (July 5th) is also looking good on numbers, though if we get just a few more sopranos then we will be able to include a double-choir motet. I’m sure that anyone who was at our London double-choir session in March would agree that it’s a pretty special experience to be immersed in 8 part harmony so let’s all do one final push to persuade the sopranos of South Yorkshire to get on board!



PS Don’t forget also too that Counterpint in the Cafe (July 8th) booking goes live tomorrow at 9am.





The Consolation of Polyphony

I’ve finally managed to tear myself away from the never-ending news updates to write a quick post.

Clearly the events of the past few days have been utterly momentous and have even felt all-consuming at times. Certainly, I’d be surprised if many of us are feeling particularly at ease right now, whichever way we voted.

In turbulent – & divisive – times such as these, it’s easy to feel unsettled and adrift as we struggle to sort fact from fiction/opinion and try to get a handle on what’s going on and where things are heading.

With all this sense of turmoil and upheaval, it might seem ridiculous to even mention our little pub-singing project. However, it occurs to me that PDtP, more than ever before, might now serve a small but useful purpose. After all, coming together to sing music of incredible richness and beauty in a spirit of fellowship and conviviality won’t be a solution to any of our woes – but I hope it might perhaps take our minds off them for a while.

Therefore, please do come along to our Europe Special on July 11th, when we’ll be celebrating a continent’s worth of Renaissance masterpieces. Booking is open now.

Before that, we will be holding another of our intimate Counterpint in the Cafe sessions at Travelling Through on July 8th. Booking goes live at 9am this Friday (July 1st); please only sign up if you know you can make it, as no-shows or late cancellations seriously upset the balance of voices.

Finally, a reminder that PDtP will be up in Sheffield on Tuesday July 5th; there are some soprano/tenor/bass spots left (altos are all booked up) so do let any South Yorkshire friends know about it.



Best. PDtP. Ever. (Possibly.)

Still reeling from just how good last night’s session was. So many phenomenal moments, but those that linger in the mind were the heart-meltingly beautiful Verdelot Beata es Virgo (particularly the post-10pm run-throughs) and the mighty, mighty sound of 60 singers giving a spine-tingling rendition of Gallus‘ Duo Seraphim.

Even trickier numbers such as the Victoria Lauda Sion went from not-so-good to actually-pretty-bloody-awesome after only 2 or 3 attempts.

And what a great atmosphere throughout the night – there was a real buzz about the room as we busked through these masterpieces.

Thanks to all who came, whether old hands or new faces, from nearby or indeed not so nearby…

Our final PDtP session of the season is pencilled in for July 11th but this is still TBC; an update will follow in the next few days.

However, what I can confirm is some very exciting news: following the tremendous success of our April PDtP session in Travelling Through, we now have a monthly Counterpint residency in the venue. (Yes, they really want us back!)

We’ll be revisiting the very best of previous PDtP sessions, in a smaller, more intimate setting (though still with booze).

The first of these Counterpint in the Café sessions is 6pm next Tuesday, June 21st. Spaces are extremely limited and booking goes live at 10 am tomorrow (Wednesday June 15th).

(Please note the early arrival time and booking conditions on the Eventbrite page.)

That’s it for the moment – thanks again for your support.



PS Don’t forget to tell everyone you know in Sheffield that they simply must not miss out on our session up there on July 5th.



PDtP 21 scores now ready

Yes, I’m thrilled too.

On the set-list are 2 or 3 previous hits (including 2 double-choir stunners and even a madrigal!), alongside fresh masterpieces from Lassus, Regnart, Verdelot & Palestrina. Some of them are on the tricksy side but that’s OK because you guys laugh in the face of tricksiness.

Oh, and the Bach chorales are back after last month’s absence, which is reason enough to break out the champagne.

You’ll find the scores via the usual link. Just a reminder that the session is fully booked up, with people on the waiting list, so if you have registered are in any way unsure that you’ll be able to make it, please cancel so that someone can take your place.

Final note for tonight – if you have singing friends/family/colleagues/acquaintances in or around Sheffield, do tell them about our special session up there on July 5th. We’ve got a good few signed up already but there’s still room for plenty more so please get the word out via Twitter, Facebook and carrier pigeon.



L̶o̶n̶d̶o̶n̶’̶s̶ The UK’s Favourite Night of Renaissance Motets & Booze!™

You guessed it – after many, many months of talking about it, we are finally taking our bonkers pub-based choral extravaganza on tour to different parts of the UK, sharing far and wide the PDtP love (or misery, whichever way you prefer to look at it).

Plans include visits to Oxford and Milton Keynes among others but first up is Sheffield on Tuesday July 5th at the Fat Cat pub.

Details on this session are available on this page so please tell (warn?) your singing friends in Sheffield or thereabouts and make sure they don’t miss out!