Il ritorno di Polyphony Down the Pub

The weather’s on the turn and the days are getting shorter, which can only mean one thing: PDtP Returns!

Join us on September 11th for the start of our new season, with works by Victoria, Crecquillon, Tomkins (yes, Tomkins) and Palestrina.

And as it’s his 450th anniversary year, it would be churlish not to include the music of Monteverdi. While we won’t of course be performing any of his new-fangled seconda prattica stuff (we don’t have room for all those chittaroni/cornetts/double harps), there are plenty of a cappella contrapuntal marvels from the beginning (and indeed the end) of his career for us to draw on.

PDtP 34 poster

Booking goes live at 5pm on Friday September 1st; extra places will be released at 9am on Saturday the 2nd.

As always, we’ll be keeping back places for first-timers who have never booked before, so if that’s you, drop us a line by midnight tomorrow (Friday the 1st) with your details including singing voice via the comments section at the bottom of this post.