Poster for our 1st Birthday Bash

I’m very lucky to have an obliging colleague with immense graphic design expertise who has kindly put together a fantastic poster for our 1st Birthday celebrations:

PDtP Birthday poster

Don’t forget to sign up here if you haven’t already done so, as it’s going to be a great night!




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K O'Neill

I am a classical music enthusiast and a lover of choral music in particular. I run the Polyphony Down the Pub social/singing night, probably the most thrilling singing-Renaissance-motets-in-the-backroom-of-a-pub experience you could ever hope to have.

5 thoughts on “Poster for our 1st Birthday Bash”

  1. Sorry Kevin, I can’t come to this one – off to Seville for a week’s holiday. I hope it goes very well.

    Take a look at this divine Agnus – it’s my edition, and I give you permission to use it for PdtP if you want. But only if I’m there – I’ve never sung it, only conducted it.

    All the best

    Bob Hanson



    1. Thanks, Bob – have a good time in Sevilla and make sure you bring back a little Spanish sunshine for our Siglo de Oro Special in November! Can’t see a link to your edition on the mobile version of the site but will check on the laptop later…


    2. Hi Bob – sorry we won’t be seeing you though do bring back some of that Andalucian spirit for our Siglo de Oro November Special! Can’t see a link to the Agnus so I’ll drop you an e-mail as that’s probably a better way to share…


  2. Hi Kevin, A request for the future – Pearsall “Lay a Garland”. Listen to Voces8 ? Wow … David

    On 2 October 2015 16:55:25 Polyphony Down the Pub


    1. Hi David Thanks for the heads-up as it’s a lovely piece; the problem with it is that it’s 250 years too late for us! Worth bearing in mind if we ever get a Romanticism group splintering off from PDtP!


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