I must be getting old…

…as it now takes me a couple of days to recover from a PDtP session.

And what a great session it was! Despite my best efforts to put you off (deliberate errors, of course), you all sang lustily and with a commitment rarely seen in a group of people largely singing together for the first time.

Speaking of which, it was lovely to see so many new faces there – many thanks for coming and hope to see you at future sessions. Thanks too of course to all you for whom it wasn’t your first time – we must be something right for you all to come back!

Highlights for me were the Bach chorales – we definitely had some crackers in the line-up – plus the Crecquillon and the Mantua. The Hassler ended up being more challenging than I’d envisaged but by goodness it felt like an achievement to make it through to the end!

By the way, apologies to any Peñalosa fans – I was probably a bit harsh about him so I will make it up to you by including something slightly more interesting by him at a future session.

As always, special thanks to the 15 or so who stayed back for the post-10pm session; the Mantua sounded even more stunning with reduced forces.

I’d also like to thank the people who told me that this was the first time they’d sung in years – in fact, 40 years for one gentleman! – as it’s extremely gratifying to know that our little evening can act as a way back in to singing.

As a reminder, the next PDtP is Feb.8th and is our Italian special (a third of spaces have already gone) but don’t forget that March 7th is our double-choir spectacular, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Thanks again and see you next time!




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K O'Neill

I am a classical music enthusiast and a lover of choral music in particular. I run the Polyphony Down the Pub social/singing night, probably the most thrilling singing-Renaissance-motets-in-the-backroom-of-a-pub experience you could ever hope to have.

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