Counterpint in the Café is back!

Thanks to our gracious and obliging hosts at Travelling Through, Waterloo’s best bookshop, Counterpint in the Café returns at 6.15pm on Tuesday September 27th.

If you’ve never been to a session before, have a look at this page as they are a little bit different from our regular PDtP events.

Places are strictly limited and will probably go quickly. I know that a lot of you missed out on PDtP 23 so we are experimenting with the booking process to see if we can make it fairer.

Half of the spaces go live at 9am on Tuesday September 20th and the other half will be available at 5pm on Friday September 23rd; here’s the link to the booking page but please don’t book unless you know you can make the start time of 6.15/30.

Other updates: PDtP Cardiff is booking nicely with all bass spaces now gone, but there’s room for some more sopranos, altos and tenors.

PDtP 23 in London remains fully booked, with a full waiting list so if you’ve registered and you’re in any doubt about coming, please cancel  your booking ASAP. (If you are one of the lucky holders of a golden ticket, you’ll get the links to the scores tomorrow via e-mail, not via the website.)

Finally, in non-PDtP news, our friends in the Lisson Grove Choir are putting on a concert with a fantastic programme this coming Sunday so go along for a listen if you can.

You may recall that these guys are a sort of liturgical equivalent of PDtP in that they operate on a drop-in basis*: if you can make the rehearsal and the service then you’re welcome to rock up and join in.

I’ve sung with them a couple of times (you see, they really will take anyone!) and I’m sure they would love to hear from any of you for their current season so drop them a line via their website or Facebook page.

That’s it for now – looking forward to singing with many of you soon!



*One major difference of course is that they don’t get stuck into the beers until after the service…





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K O'Neill

I am a classical music enthusiast and a lover of choral music in particular. I run the Polyphony Down the Pub social/singing night, probably the most thrilling singing-Renaissance-motets-in-the-backroom-of-a-pub experience you could ever hope to have.

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