We’re gonna need a bigger pub…

Have just checked the pre-registrations for Monday’s birthday extravaganza and it looks like we are going to have a verrrrrrry* packed room on the night, which is both brilliant and terrifying.

I have spoken to the pub about the lighting but I think we need to prepare for the same low levels that we have had in previous sessions. It’s therefore best for anyone who struggles to read small dots by the equivalent of guttering candlelight to consider perhaps bringing along some sort of pen-torch aid (though try not to blind your neighbours).

Also, please do make sure you have your music downloaded in advance as the pub wifi couldn’t cope last time around.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to grab your music from here, and double-check that you have the correct edition of the Casulana, which was updated on Wednesday.

In terms of splitting voices, Altos, you’ll be singing the Quinta Pars of the Josquin, with a bit of help from the lads on the first phrase, and we will probably split you between the Countertenors (i.e. the 2nd and 3rd lines) of the Parsons.

Everyone will get to sing both choirs of the Gallus at least once, which is nice, and I urge you all to have at least a quick peak at BWV 437 as its glories are directly proportional to its tricky bits.

That’s it – have a great weekend and see you Monday night!


*How many extra consonants are too many when you are trying to be realllllly emphatic?

Tell us what you think

Dear all

Hope you are looking forward to our anniversary celebrations; just under 3 weeks to go!

In a change to our usual way of doing things, I’ll be sending links to the sheet music over the next couple of weeks, starting tomorrow or Friday. The trickiest numbers will be in the first batch, just in case anyone wants to swot up in advance.

Also, as part of the celebrations, I’ll shortly be announcing some possibly exciting news so keep your eyes peeled.

Finally, I’d like to add to our About page some quotations from PDtP regulars about why you come to the sessions, what you get out of them etc. If you would like to share some brief thoughts then please use the comments box at the end of this post or drop me a note via the About page feedback form.



PS Altos are still way ahead in numbers, so Sopranos, Tenors & Basses, sign up now!