Possible Cardiff session, plus basses wanted

I’m going to be in Cardiff on Sunday September 25th so I’m wondering if there any PDtP fans based in or around the city who might be up for an afternoon singalong. Or do you have friends in the area who might be interested?

Drop me a line ASAP via the comments box below and we’ll see if we can set something up. (Please share via Facebook & Twitter if you can.)

Also, here’s the link to the booking page for our next PDtP London session on Monday September 19th; registration goes live at 9am September 3rd.

Finally, the excellent Orlando Chamber Choir are currently seeking basses to join them for their current season.

I’ve been to a couple of OCC concerts and I can tell you that they really are the business, so if you’re a bass looking for a friendly choir with some great repertoire then get in touch with them. (Added bonuses – the Orlandos love cake almost as much as we at PDtP love beer and they’re even more eccentric in their concert titles than we are!)