Thanks (in advance) for the memories

Before I get on to telling you about last night’s pdtp session (spoiler: it was mind-blowingly brilliant!), I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that exactly one month from today will be the 5th anniversary of the very first Polyphony Down the Pub session.

In the weeks leading up to the momentous occasion (and the celebration that will be taking place on October 30th), I’ll be sharing with you some pretty bland observations and achingly dull stats from the past 5 years, so I thought it might make things a bit more interesting to reflect your perspectives.

Perhaps you’d like to tell us how you stumbled across us, or share your first experience of Polyphony Down the Pub/Counterpint. And tell us how long you’ve been coming along; are you an old hand or a relative newbie? What do you enjoy about singing with us? Or are you a non-singer who likes to come along and listen? (Maybe you came along to just one session and absolutely hated it – if so, tell us!) Have you discovered a passionate love/deep and abiding hatred for a particular composer or piece of music? Have you made long-lasting friendships, or met the love of your life? Or has coming to our sessions left your personal relationships in tatters? And how about some stories of post-session hi-jinks/missed trains/bar fights/police cautions? 

I want to hear all your stories, and while I can’t promise I’ll be able to publish everyone’s, I’ll include as many as I can, so please get in touch using this contact form:

While I’m waiting for your cherished memories to come flooding in, in the next couple of days I’ll (finally, FINALLY!) be sharing some thoughts on what the future of pdtp may hold – and crucially I’ll be asking you for your help in determining whether or not we’ll be able to keep it going…

In the meantime, here’s a breakdown of how last night’s session went, from the folks who made it happen:




PS While we’re on the subject of memories, if you were at any/all of the first 3 sessions in October/November 2014 and still have copies of the scores from those sessions, please get in touch; our archive is mysteriously missing the setlists for those sessions!)



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